Aptos 2042 is a web3 tools platform designed for everyone, creators, artists, collectors and the community in general. As the first web3 tools hub on the Aptos network, our goal is to provide our users with a wide range of tools that allow them to create, manage and market their tokens and NFTs in the easiest, most efficient and effective way possible.
Our platform offers a variety of tools and services ranging from the creation of tokens and NFTs, management and distribution of airdrops, detailed portfolio of your assets in Aptos, market analysis with trained AI assistance, bot services for alerts, giveaways, and much more coming soon
In addition to a web3 tools hub, Aptos 2042 is an NFT collection that will offer unique experiences to collectors, as well as free access to all tools and shared earnings when they are used by other users or projects.
Last modified 11mo ago